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Stage Your Home For The Fall Season!

Fall has arrived! The evenings are cool, the leaves of the Maple trees are magnificent reds and oranges, Oaks tree leaves are beautiful shades of golden, shops and front porches are decorated with corn stalks and gourds and pumpkins are in groupings with pinecones and the smell of hot pumpkin spice lattes are everywhere. Fall has definitely arrived.

When staging your home, it is wise to add some of the symbols of the season that we see outside. A branch of beautiful colored leaves in a vase, an arrangement on the dining table with a few pumpkins and gourds, all help to make your home inviting and warm to potential buyers. Realtor experts, like my son, Adam Kruse of Hermann London Group, studies clients’ reaction as they enter a home. There are two areas that require special attention each season to get clients interested in owning the home.

First is the Front door, outside and in. The first impression is important to get the potential buyers out of the car and into the home with the right feeling from the start. The front porch must look inviting. For Fall, a wreath on the front door of autumn colors, or an arrangement next to front door of corn stalks with a group of pumpkins, or even a large beautiful pot of mums on the front porch all say, “Welcome, we have been expecting you, and Come on in.”

Once you have entered the home, your senses should be told this home has a nice feeling about it! The area you enter should smell good and be well lit, a lamp on a table gives a warm glow, as does an overhead chandler. With lights on, the homes feeling is bright and warm for Fall. There is a myriad of products to use to make your home smell nice. I prefer the bottles of oil with the wooden sticks for a nice soft fragrance when entering a home. Baking apples, pumpkin pie, and cinnamon are all great fragrances for fall. Candles can add to the ambiance, but don’t really want them to be lit for a staged home. If there is a table in the entry area, add a branch of leaves or a grouping of pumpkins.

The second area that sells a home is the kitchen. It should feel warm and inviting and have a nice fragrance as if someone was just baking chocolate chip cookies or a pumpkin pie. On the kitchen counter, place a Fall cookbook on a stand with a pumpkin beside it, or put out a nice large new looking cooking pot on the stove with a basket of red apples and a jar of apple butter next to it. A well-placed apron, new dish towels of autumn colors, bowl of cinnamon sticks, all are symbols of Fall which stimulate the senses into wanting to cook something in that kitchen!

Each season has symbols which bring about a warmth and homey feel which make a property desirable. For Fall, it is autumn colors and pumpkin spice smells, make sure your property to sell has some of those symbols to help sell fast.

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