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How long have you been in this business?

"We are an enthusiastic family owned and operated company willing to compete by offering lower prices for better, more effective light staging, and great customer service. We want great reviews for referrals."


What makes you qualified to do this?

"We are a family of multi talented people, bringing our experiences and training together for this company.  Our Education and experience qualify us to get the job done by working together for you." 


What does your service include?

"We use all of our own furnishings, bring them to the home and set up in one day.  We agree to leave them there for 3 months.  Hopefully, the property will sells sooner, and once all contingencies have been met on the sales contract, we will  come and promptly pick them up."


Are there any hidden fees?

 "No. We pride ourselves on our custom

pricing, so you won't have to worry about any surprises." 

Are Website photos your own work?

"Yes, 100%!  The Photos were taken by Mariamalia Kruse, and the great website you are looking at was designed by Molly M. Kruse, owner of"

Are Movers Bonded and Insured?

"No professional movers, just our family and we are responsible for any damage to our property or yours.  Remember, we don’t believe in heavy bulky furnishings for staging. We keep accessories simple, light, appropriate, yet memorable to the prospective homebuyer to make certain your property stands out. See our photos."  

Do you guarantee a fast sale?

"Unfortunately, we, or any company, cannot honestly guarantee a fast sale.  We only can promise to use our expertise to work toward getting one."



"My house was vacant and for sale for 9 weeks with only 2 people coming to view. My realtor recommended Watson Home Staging and putting new photos of the house, after staging, on the MLS. I reluctantly took the recommendation. I didn’t want to pay any more money on the place I had moved out of.  It made sense and cost less to only stage the important areas of my home.


After staging, I hired a photographer to take some photos, which looked great. My realtor put the photos on the MLS and the results were that I had more clients coming to view.Three weeks after the staging, I had a signed contract!"  - M.W. 

"When my realtor suggested staging my soon to be empty home, I said no! I am not spending any more money! Sell it as is! After 4 months of me making 2 house payments, I was ready to try anything. I checked out websites of staging companies and liked the way the lightly furnished rooms looked on Watsons Home Staging Companies website, and their cost was lower and up front.


They came on the scheduled day and installed some nice items in my vacant home.  Within the month, I had a contract.  The new owners commented they thought my house looked very warm and homey and liked the location.  I am happy with Watson Home Staging and their no nonsense approach."

-  J.D.

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