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The cost of staging is less than the cost of your first price reduction!

Watson Home Staging has your best interest at heart. We offer custom pricing so that while you have so many other descisions to make through out the day ... which home staging package is right for you, doesn't have to be one of them.


Our home staging includes the following for 3 months:


Living /Family room - We will provide a vignette near the room’s focal point, establishing the tasteful and appealing feel of the home.


Kitchen -Three groups of accessories will be artistically arranged on the counter and above cabinets to emphasize the kitchens best features.


Master Bathroom – This will include a Color coordinated shower curtain, a coordinated picture on the wall, fresh towels and appropriate accessories. This room must feel and smell clean, so we place a bottle of fragrance oil in this room. All other bathrooms will be decorated with pictures, fresh thick towels and attractive accessories.


Master Bedroom –We will use a Queen size display bed layered to look luxurious, unique artwork above the bed, one end table with lamp and accessories to show the room’s size and recommended placement of furniture.

Front Porch – Depending on the size of porch, we like to use a few appropriate items to make the porch inviting.

Entry Area – Inside the home, we will furnish the entryway with an appropriate size table or cabinet, mirror, or artwork on the walls to create the warm feeling of the home as a client enters.

Payment Process / Terms


We have a streamlined process, again, to keep visits and costs down.  


  1. Property owner or their real estate agent should call us to discuss their payment.  Because of our reputation, professional website photos, and great upfront pricing, client feels certain we are the right company for them.

  2. We email a contract to the owner, or their agent, after looking it over, they e-sign and send it back, or can use U.S. Mail service. ​

  3. Customer sends a cashiers check or money order for the full agreed amount in the mail, or put full amount on a charge card over the phone, or pay thru PayPal.  That’s it! No more cost to you! ​

  4. When we have received the signed contract and payment, we will schedule the installation, according to clients needs. By this time, the property should be vacant, cleaned, and any necessary painting or repairs made.  

  5. We will visit the property and determine what staging materials we should use to best highlight the properties features. It is our decision what items to use.

  6. On the agreed upon date, a group from Watson Home Staging  will install, clean up after ourselves, and notify homeowner /or their agent.

  7. Now is the time to take photos!  Use them to show your home on selling websites, brochures and most important for attracting clients that will see them on the MLS. We can recommend a photographer to take the type of photos needed. Photographer will be paid separately.

  8. We will remove all of our items after the 3 months of agreement are up, or when all contingencies have been met on sales contract.    Removal date will be coordinated with owner /agent.

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