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We pay close attention to what the design industry experts are saying about the coming year, so that we are always trend right - ensuring that your home looks its absolute best when it's time to sell. 


Watson Home Staging has a wide variety of home accessories to furnish your space. Here are a few of the more popular combinations we have staged with in the St. Louis area.

Sample Collection 

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Sample Collection 



Some staging companies bring in too much heavy and often outdated furniture and make the rooms feel small, and busy.


We recommend a minimal amount of items in each room. Enough to show how the room can be used, but leave it open to feel spacious. We stage high impact areas only, creating interest and memorable items to make your listing stand out from others they have been viewing.   

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Sample Collection 

Accessories and furniture will be chosen from our supply to appeal to a specific any demographic.  For instance, if the area of the home is a subdivision in the county, likely buyers would be families with children.  We will use accessories and colors to appeal to a wide range of young homeowners. 

If the home is likely to be sought after by young couple or singles, such as downtown loft, we would use accessories to appeal to those potential buyers.

We also have worked with senior communities and know what specific accessories and colors would appeal to them as well.



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